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Photo Challenge #101 – Looking Up

It’s easy to forget to change our angle of view as we’re photographing, because eye level is what we’re used to. This month we will change the vantage a bit with our theme: Looking Up

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Video Review: Photo Challenge #100

This month Shelly Perry reviews submissions based on the 2019 Pantone color of the year “Living Coral”

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Photo Submission Tips: Tips from a stock photo inspector

Insider photo submission tips for stock images by Marilyn Nieves, a stock photographer and former inspector


100 Photo Challenge update!

Shooting daily not only does it keep your skills sharp and give you a fresh stream of photos to submit to your stock agencies. Here is a look at day 36 of our progress in our 100 Day Photo Challenege

Reader Stock Photos That Sell

take a look at some of last year’s best-selling photographs from Breakfast Stock Club readers, and what see we can learn from them to make sure we’re taking photos we can sell this year.

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Breakfast Stock Club Reader Survey Results

Breakfast Stock Club Reader Survey Results – Here’s how it all shook out with your input


Things savvy stock photographers know… Photo Trends

Stock Streamlining, Step #4: Figure out what’s selling – Once you’ve started building up a portfolio of accepted images, you’ll want to keep an eye on what’s selling best so that you know what to shoot and submit moving forward.

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How to Double Your Stock Photography Sales

Valerie Haas mentioned that she had nearly doubled her stock photo income in one year, I was all ears!

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Video Review: Photo Challenge #99

This round guest reviewer looks at the many ways in which we think about an visually present the concept of time. Our monthly challenged, titled: Tick-Tock


Video Review: Photo Challenge #98

This round Shelly Perry looks at the many ways in which we give back to our community: Giving Back