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Photo Challenge #99 – Tick Tock

As our calendars and get used to writing “2019”, it’s natural to think about time … the passing of days, months, and years and what it all means. You have two main choices with this month’s theme — literal or conceptual

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Video Review: Photo Challenge #98

This round Shelly Perry looks at the many ways in which we give back to our community: Giving Back

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Word Keyword in letters on cube dices on table.

Keywording Tips for Stock Photography

Keywords are one of the most crucial things you need to boost your stock photo success. Today we look at best practice stock image keywording strategies.

Wunderschönes Feuerwerk

How to Choose Images for Stock Agencies

The hardest part of choosing stock images for stock agencies is getting started and maintaining momentum. These are tips thart are easy to stick with.

Color of year 2019 Living Coral concept. Donut with living coral glaze on blue background. Top view or flat lay. Copy space for text.

Pantone 2019 Color of the Year: Winner Is?

The Pantone Color Institute just announced 2019’s “color of the year,” so we can expect to see a whole lot of it showing up in design, décor, fashion, and of course… advertising.

So what is it?


2019 Breakfast Stock Club Reader Survey

It’s time for our annual Breakfast Stock Club reader survey. Help us keep learning and improving … your answers to this survey help make that possible.


Favorite Stock Agencies

Breakfast Stock Club member Elizabeth Coughlan uses both Alamy and Shutterstock, and she’s written up a great summary, based on her experience, of the strengths of each.


Best of Breakfast Stock Club

Best of Breakfast Stock Club – With 2018 winding down, I’ve been having a lot of fun looking back at your Challenge submissions from the past year.

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Video Review: Photo Challenge #97

This round Shelly Perry looks at the many shapes and intricacies of one of our most useful and complex tools: Hands.


Video Review: Photo Challenge #96

This round Shelly Perry looks at the different types of images submitted with and vantage point theme: Silhouettes.