100 Photo Challenge update!


Have you been taking a photo every day?

On February 1, in celebration of our 100th Breakfast Stock Club Challenge, I issued you a little challenge to take one photo a day for 100 days.

Today is Day 36, and I must say, it’s been harder than I thought to take one photo a day with my camera. I’ve “cheated” by using my phone here and there, but overall, I’m happy with how much more I’m shooting and getting my skills back up-to-speed.

Here are a few of the shots I’ve taken over the last 30+ days:

They’re not all stock shots — but some of them will be!

What’s cool about this is that, not only does it keep your skills sharp and give you a fresh stream of photos to submit to your stock agencies, but it’s a fun little snapshot of your life over the last few weeks, too. Sort of like a daily journal.

Share some of your shots from February and March on the Breakfast Stock Club Facebook page, here!

And if you haven’t started, yet, you can still join in! Either take one photo a day for the next 64 days, until the end of the challenge… or start now and go for 100 days.

Something to keep in mind when you do: This isn’t about having perfect photos. It’s just about getting your camera out and shooting more. Nothing helps you learn and grow like doing. Even if you snap a quick photo of your tea or your glass of wine at the end of the day… your brain is still engaged with photography on a regular basis. And that’s the best way to improve.

Next week, I’ll share some great tips from a stock photo inspector that will help as you decide which of your shots to submit to agencies.

In the meantime, get shooting!

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